Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little Proofs

There are some things, for me, that hold a strange allure of promise.  This is a phenomenon that I can't even begin to explain without sounding like a total idiot, but I'll try.  A new pack of crayons, a package of socks, the nail polish section of ULTA.  There are just certain mundane things that I see in stores that promise to change something about my stupid little life for the time that I have them and they are new......Experts would probably classify this as a disease called hoarding.  I, however, cannot resist the promise of a new pack of INDEX CARDS.  In my mind, every single one of those cards is a succinct little begins, it happens, and then it ends.  Done!  I need to commit to nothing more except the blank (or lined) space on that 3x5 card.  So anyway......

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's so much easier to avoid thinking about things until they actually happen.  Right?
So, anyway, happy belated new year.  Who knows what will happen this year?